Node-Based Interactive Music #itp #the-code-of-music

Feb 07, 2024

While we were exchanging ideas of what we could do with Tone.js and p5.js, Henry Chen came up with this idea of a node-based system for interacting with music in a virtual 3D environment, in which moving one node could simultaneously affect multiple other nodes that affect the music. We agreed that creating a 2D version first could serve as a very good starting point.

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Audio-Visual Experiment #itp #the-code-of-music

Jan 31, 2024

For the past two years, I have been doing lots of computational sketches that focused on visuals. This year, I am enrolled in a graduate course at ITP called the Code of Music, taught by Luisa Pereira. I finally ran out of excuses for not experimenting with sound.

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