Web Development for Absolute Beginners


A web development workshop series for people with absolutely zero coding experience.

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Workshop Description

The Web has become an integral part of everyday lives and it plays a crucial role in modern college education. A better understanding of the basics of web development is a stepping-stone for participants looking to further dive into professional web development and it also provides invaluable insights to everyday web users. This workshop series provides an overview of the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, which are the building blocks of the Web. It will also provide an introduction to libraries, frameworks, APIs, giving the participants an opportunity to further expand their capabilities. The participants will learn how websites are made: designing layouts, adding content, manipulating styles, and implementing interactive features. By the end of the workshop series, all participants will have their own unique website that is accessible to the world, and they will have the skills and resources to build a more complex website on their own.


Workshop #1: HTML & CSS - Designing Layouts, Content & Styles

Workshop #2: JavaScript - Adding Interactive Features

Workshop #3: Jekyll - Creating an Online Blog or Portfolio

Workshop #4: p5.js - Creating Expressive Visuals

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop series, participants will

  • Have a clear understanding of client-side web development
  • Be able to find and learn libraries suitable for specific tasks
  • Be able to identify and use the right frameworks depending on the needs
  • Be able to choose an API and learn its usage from documentations
  • Have a basic understanding of server-side web development
  • Have a unique website hosted on GitHub
  • Be empowered with infinite resources online to further develop their skills in web development on their own

Teaching Methodology

This workshop series embraces an example-based learning process. The participants will be given code examples that slowly guide them as the workshop progresses. It also focuses on learning by practicing. The participants will be assigned homework that motivates them to branch out and learn on their own. The participants will be encouraged to come up with creative solutions of their own, instead of rigidly following the path of the old-timers.