Creative Lighting Inspirations #itp #big-leds

Mar 26, 2024

I am taking a class called Big LEDs, in which we are asked to share a creative lighting moment or object. I did some research on famous installations that incorporate LED lighting.

One big name that came up was teamLab. I have visited a couple of their venues in person and was really impressed by the scale of their installation. One of those that I have been was teamLab Borderless in Tokyo, where the entire multi-room exhibiton space fused together as one virtual world. There were virtual beings that live in this world and wander around freely. One particular component that I really enjoyed was that I could draw an abstract creature and this creature would then move into the world from my drawing and becoming a part of the exhibition.

Grand things aside, I really appreciate beautiful things in simple and minimal forms. Walumi, by Lusine Kirakosyan, Michal Shoshan, and Wallis Millar-Blanchaer, is an interactive instrument that playfully blends sound and color synthesis. I was particularly drawn to the simplicity of the interaction and the beautiful colorful shadows that it casts.

Walumi at ITP/IMA Winter Show 2023
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