I am an artist and educator interested in creating images, videos, and interactive experiences with code. I am particularly drawn to creating visuals that appear pixelated and ambiguous. I develop custom software and hardware tools for my artistic practice when they do not exist. For instance, I built Minus E, an award-winning robotic system that creates large-scale representational drawings with scribbles, and Mandarinizer, an experimental camera app that captures pictures in a pixel-art format consisting of Mandarin Chinese characters. I post sketches I create with code daily on Instagram as a form of relentless experimentation and as a way to engage in conversation with the public.

Currently, I work as an arts instructor at the Interactive Media program at New York University Abu Dhabi. I teach web development and creative coding to total beginners.

In my spare time, I like cooking. You can find photos of some of my cooking here.

If you would like to know more about me, check out my CV, or drop me a line at hi@jackbdu.com. I am always happy to meet and talk to new people :)